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Willamette Valley Anthropomorphics Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Willamette Valley Anthropomorphics Community

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Howdy! [25 Jul 2006|03:54pm]


My name is AX, and I moved to Portland within the last three months, and I'm having a bunch of trouble making friends. I dont know where to meet people, and since I'm 18, I cant go to bars to socialize. I'm a really friendly guy who is into improv comedy, writing, drawing, making shit, and playing games, electronic or not.

I havent been to into the furry scene as of moving here, but I really would like to meet some cool furries to make some friends ^_^!!

My favorite show is Strangers With Candy and my favorite movie is Memento. Other favorites of mine include Closer, Eternal Sunshine, Better Luck Tommorow, and Requiem For A Dream, and in the TV category; 24, Wonder Showzen, Colbert Report and The Simpsons.

I would love to meet some new people to hang out with and go be social with. If I sound like a fun dood, please email me at darkax@gmail.com or gimme a messsssssage at AXthedemon on YIM or AIM, or darkax@gmail.com on MSN, and we'll chitty chat! :D

I am very high energy and I have a passion for living life to the fullest. Hopefully you'll join me for the ride. :3
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Mailing list move [05 Jan 2006|09:06pm]

Because Yahoo insists on spamming and Katt insists on doing business with spammers, it's time to move the pdxfurs list to Southwest Washington. Please subscribe there instead.
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About is messed up? [10 Dec 2005|05:20am]

From Vancouver to Yreka...

The author of the About for wvac knows that Yreka has an entire mountain range between it and the Willamette Valley, and nothing to do with the region at all, right? Willamette Valley ends not far after Eugene heading south, misses Yreka by at least a hundred miles.

It's not even in this state, nor is the reachable by the casual motorist pretty much anytime it's cold and there's a storm in southern Oregon...
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Wow! [23 Jan 2005|08:59pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

I just ran across this community and thought I'd introduce myself. I grabbed this copy/paste thing offa crocoduck's post. This is me filling it out.

Name/s, (Furry and/or RL): [Furry] Aaaamory Raven, and Honah Lee. [RL] Vanessa Pridgen
Species, (Played or Favorite): Dragons!
Age: Currently 25
Location: Aloha, OR
Gender: Female
Mated, Married, Single, Looking?: Mated, engaged
Children: None
What brought you into the furry fandom and for how long?: I was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle freak when I was little. Then I started to read the comic books (the ones published by Archie) and adored them for all the different species they introduced. Honah Lee was probably my first 'furry' character, born June of 1997.
Lifestyler, Fan, Role player, Other?: Roleplayer and artist.
What you like to do when out gathering with other people into furry: Have a Halloween Party, see a movie, share pictures!

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^^ [23 Apr 2004|01:03am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Found you! *is happy, glows* Um.. a magic glowing kitty. Yeah. As a Corvallis area being, this is very near, and I am most pleased. ^^ *glows more*


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[01 Nov 2003|07:30pm]

Where are my Linux geeks at? IM me sometime, I got a buncha Q's I need A's to. Mostly revolving around slackware linux and KDE. Hit me up and let me know who you are!
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[24 Jun 2003|08:18pm]

Hey everyone! I hope this okay to post here, but I currently have an auction up on Furbid of an older portoflio of mine plus a ton of extra originals and lots of other fun stuff that I'm trying to get rid of and maybe get some cash for it as well. If your interested, please take a look:
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Yo. I be new. [26 Apr 2003|09:31pm]

[ mood | silly ]

Stolen from various people. >.> Because I am lazy.

Name/s, (Furry and/or RL): [Furry] Edwina, Ed [RL] Les
Species, (Played or Favorite): [played] Chinese Dragon-esque creature (lion-wolf-goat-snake-cockroach) [favorite] Many kinds of birds.
Age: 15
Location: North Portland
Gender: Female
Mated, Married, Single, Looking?: Single, not looking.
Children: No way.
What brought you into the furry fandom and for how long?: I've drawn animals since I was very young, and I started drawing humans about three years ago. I combined them on the own. When I got an internet connection two years ago, I was shocked to learn so many people drew the kinds of creatures I did. ^^;;
Lifestyler, Fan, Role player, Other?: Fan and roleplayer. I also use furries in manga-style comics.
What you like to do when out gathering with other people into furry: I haven't been to any gatherings, and I only have one RL friend who is furry. But I do like to talk at people to no end.

Nice to meet you all!

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Selling some stuff [27 Mar 2003|07:08pm]

Hey, I'm selling a few necklaces.

My E-Bay Auction

Crystal Aurora Borealis Choker

Diamond Choker

If you're interested and would like to know the prices please E-Mail Me
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[23 Mar 2003|02:06am]

I hope this is alright. I just wanted to tell everyone I created a community and if you want you can join. It's called otherkin_realm *Smiles and floofs* Toodles.
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Hi [09 Mar 2003|10:13pm]

Name/s, (Furry and/or RL): Sun Shadow or Manaba.
Species, (Played or Favorites): Phoenix/wolf.
Age: 18.
Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon.
Gender: Female.
Mated, Married, Single, Looking?: Boyfriend, we are not mates.
Children: None.
What brought you into the furry fandom and for how long?: I always felt like I was part animal, even when I was a small child. I thought I was insane until last year when my now Soul Sibling introduced me to the Gryphon Guild.
Lifestyler, Fan, Role player, Other?: Lifestyler.
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[01 Oct 2002|10:21am]

Name/s, (Furry and/or RL): OL - Immortal Pain, Ippy, Ipsy, IP, Skree, Ip-Face, !pp0rz.. guh.. whatever else gets thrown at me. RL- Amber Anderson
Species, (Played or Favorites): Cat, Rat... Other random things as well. Zombies.. whatever.
Age: Old enough.
Location: Colusa California now, but soon I'll be in Vancouver Washington (at the start of this summer) for a good few years.
Gender: Female
Mated, Married, Single, Looking?: Does it matter?
Children: Not at all.
What brought you into the furry fandom and for how long?: I haven't been a part of it very long, I'm still a "n00b" when it comes to most things furry. It was lionking.org that pushed me in.
Lifestyler, Fan, Role player, Other?: I am not a lifestyler, but I am a fan and I role play whenever I am bored enough. It's mainly the art which has me in the fandom, I enjoy viewing it (depending on the subject) and drawing along the same line. Humans can be boring and anthros offer a staggeringly huge range of.. things to work with.
What you like to do when out gathering with other people into furry: Haven't had much experience here, but I've gotten some friends into it and we mainly draw, talk or role play a little. Only met a few people off-line thus far.
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Whee! [31 Aug 2002|09:23pm]

Name/s, (Furry and/or RL): Joel online, Dave RL
Species, (Played or Favorite): Ringtail, Ferret
Age: 26
Location: Hillsboro
Gender: Male
Mated, Married, Single, Looking?: Single
Children: Good lord, no!
What brought you into the furry fandom and for how long?: Hmm...Stumbled across a muck back in '93 and the rest is
Lifestyler, Fan, Role player, Other?: Er...Fan, I think would be the closest.
What you like to do when out gathering with other people into furry: Talking, tooling about, having fun. The average and usual hooliganism.
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Media from PDX Zoo Meet 20020825 [01 Sep 2002|05:50am]

Frame grabs of the PDX zoo meet are available on the Yahoo! Groups photo tab.

You can get a VCD of the meet for free, just come by the Bear Den. E-mail Majik for the address.
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Déja vu [28 Aug 2002|05:05am]

[ mood | silly ]

Name/s, (Furry and/or RL): Rocko, Jonas, Alan, Tony
Species, (Played or Favorites): (respectively) Wolf, dingo, polar bear, RL
Age: 19
Location: Beaverton
Gender: Male
Mated, Married, Single, Looking?: Single
Children: Erm..... maybe later
What brought you into the furry fandom and for how long?: Art, and a somewhat spiritual connection to canines. All this started sometime in 1998 and has stuck ever since.
Lifestyler, Fan, Role player, Other?: Fan, with elements of lifestyler thrown in every now and then
What you like to do when out gathering with other people into furry: The usual social gathering things; including (but not limited to) eating, talking, drawing, hanging out, and donning fursuits in a drunken state snuggling the hell out of anyone within a 3 mile radius.

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fur... coffees? [28 Aug 2002|02:07am]

[ mood | restless ]

is there any way that we could arrange a meet that, rather than going to the zoo or something, was just getting together and going out to coffee or sushi or somethin? I dunno... just an idea. hell, i probably couldn't go unless it was somewhere in the Eugene-like area (in other words, not portland.. which is where most memebers are, dammit all). but just throwing a suggestion out.. i'm new, so i dunno if its been done. o@

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Introductions. Yay! [28 Aug 2002|12:18am]

[ mood | tired ]

Stolen from westcoastfurs, because I'm an unimaginative bitch. ;D

Name/s, (Furry and/or RL): Maui (OL), Sarah (RL)
Species, (Played or Favorites): A marten.
Age: 19
Location: Eugene
Gender: Female
Mated, Married, Single, Looking?: Single, not looking.
Children: Not anytime soon, that's for sure.
What brought you into the furry fandom and for how long?: The art, to put it simply. ;) I've been hanging about since late 1996.
Lifestyler, Fan, Role player, Other?: Um.. Other? I don't RP Maui, I'm not a lifestyler, and I'm not sure what "fan" means.
What you like to do when out gathering with other people into furry: Art jams, general hanging out, eating, etc. Just typical social type things.

Okay, so now it's your turn. Yes, you. ;)

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[23 Aug 2002|07:08pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Yes well, I'm here too. Unfortunately, I don't live all *that* near Willamette valley... I'm actually in a small town called Wallowa in northeastern Oregon, about 500 miles from any other furry. I'm lonely, anyone want to pick me up and move in with them? ;_;

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I'm hereeeee [22 Aug 2002|08:11pm]

[ mood | sore ]

*trips and tumbles in. Picks herself up and brushes herself off*

I'm here *waves*

It kept tellin me that I was a member but I couldn't post. So I rejoined.

Anyway Hi, hello, and greetings from the Wolfcat :)

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*waves a paw* [21 Aug 2002|12:58pm]

Hehheh, should've posted something earlier... *sweatdrop*

Guess i'll introduce myself. i'm Rocko, hailing from Beaverton (you'd think it would be a furry town, but guess again!) With so much space around in the Willamette Valley, there's bound to be a ton of furries in there somewhere between the main P-Town and 'Frisco hubs. Hope to meet y'all at a get-together of sorts soon! =^_^=
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